Providing Effective Trademark Protection

If you are using a word, phrase, logo, symbol, color, or sound to identify your product or service, you have a trademark. “Using” the mark in conjunction with your goods or services is most important for obtaining rights under United States law. Taking the additional step of registering your trademark with the United States Trademark Office confers additional rights and privileges that make it much easier to prove the validity and enforceability of a trademark.

Contact our highly knowledgeable attorneys in Sacramento for legal advice regarding an existing trademark or the creation of a new trademark. We have more than a decade of experience assisting California businesses in trademark law.

Taking You Through the Trademark Process

If you want to create a new mark to represent your product or service, our lawyers can help you choose an effective and original trademark. If you presently have a mark in mind that you want to use to identify your product or service, our experienced attorneys can walk you through the process:

  • Search for availability: We conduct comprehensive trademark searches to determine if your mark is already being used.
  • Draft and submit: We carefully draft and submit your federal trademark application.
  • Pending phase: The trademark pending phase typically lasts from seven to twelve months. You are free to use your trademark during this phase.
  • Enforcement of your trademark: We can represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a trademark infringement lawsuit, if necessary.

Trademark Law Can be Tricky

In the United States, there are many marks being used that are not officially registered. However, the fact that the trademark is not legally registered does not mean that it is without protection. Generally, trademark law recognizes the rights of the first user of a mark. At Costello Law Corporation, our comprehensive trademark searches uncover all uses which might affect your adoption of a prospective mark. We can save you a great deal of time and money by searching for any possible prior user.

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