Why Do I Need a Patent Lawyer?

You may be wondering why you should hire an attorney for legal guidance when you can file a patent or copyright application on your own. Though anyone can attempt to prepare the documentation, the chance of you making a costly mistake is high without the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

At Costello Law Corporation in Sacramento, we strive to not only provide our clients with exceptional legal guidance, but also to educate California inventors and businesses in the complicated field of intellectual property law. Contact us to learn more about the important role we play.

Familiarity and experience are of great importance in intellectual property matters, as with most areas of the law. You may know your invention better than an attorney does, but a lawyer knows the law. Together, you can work to obtain the most effective legal solutions for your property.

Why Patent Attorneys Exist

The term “intellectual property” is as complex as it sounds. If protecting lucrative ideas were a simple matter, there would not be an entire area of the law devoted to it. Patent attorneys are here to assist you in a wide range of legal services, because:

  • Patent documents are complicated — legal familiarity and skill is required.
  • A skilled attorney can do thorough searches for existing registrations — far above and beyond searching the national registry.
  • We can help you seek temporary protection during pending phases — nondisclosure agreements are highly effective.
  • Filing yourself can be costly and time consuming — patent attorneys are efficient and extremely familiar with the process.
  • If you file by yourself, you may not obtain the proper amount of protection — if your patent is invalid, you may not know until you have sunk significant amounts of money into it.

If cost is a concern, realize that attorney fees are of little comparison to the cost of litigation. Contact us today.